(Virtual) Air Crash Investigation

  • For many years I have been wondering why –in the scope of flight simulation, there is not some kind of addon which can really explain me the reasons why I have wrecked or ditched or belly-landed, or failed in any way.
    It is up to me to find it out and many times my plane freezes in the air and the FS doesn’t explain to me what did I do wrong!
    Sometimes an engine bursts in flames –and I am not talking of a programmed failure- and I’ll never know why that happened. Was it that I oversighted a rising temperature in the engine? Were RPMs overspeeding? inadvertently did I go through a flock of birds? Had it happened in real world, IF I survive, I’ll later know what happened; if it was my fault or not, right after the aeronautical authorities define the causes that gave rise to the accident. In Flight Simulation, as far as I know, if the oversight isn’t evident, there is no way to learn about it, and the worst; to learn to avoid it.
    So, what if there was a simple addon that could be called, say, “NTSB Agent” , “Air Crash Investigation” or something like that, to review all the steps that led to a virtual accident and being able to elaborate a clear report –graphics included- establishing the causes and contributing factors that favored the wreckage?
    I guess, the PC is a real data recorder...it records any input you make before an accident, since the plane appears on your screen, beginning with the configuration it has right in that moment. It is perfectly imaginable performing an analysis of all that stuff.
    Think about! It would be quite helpful not only to all simmers, specially for the newcomers, but ALSO for real pilots training difficult approaches or new routes.
    I’ll send this letter to those FS developers I, myself, consider the best in the FSX/P3D and in XP ranges:
    • Aerosoft
    • Milviz
    • A2A
    • Rex
    • OrbX
    • JustFlight
    And to some popular forums in Flight Simulations, in the spirit of awakening undertakers all around.
    So, let’s see who dares to take the challenge!