Hawker Hunter P3D4.5

  • Hi all,
    I'm finding that the main panel (Shift+1) is not appearing. I cannot use the radio, it say no electric. Even though I have the master battery switched on. Also the switch for Generator does not seem to function. I think that is why sim says I have no electric. Is this normal behavior?

    Reading the manual, a lot of the switch its seems to indicate as being functional dont work. I cannot click on them they are not changing.

    Will there be any more updates to this one? I'm on version 201.

    Many thanks,

  • @djbully
    Oh yes, and the GPS (Shift+2) will display, but cant turn the unit on, I guess due to the no electric as above.

    Out of interest I have this plane installed using XML method, which seems to work well for all my other JF planes. I used a dummy folder, as this older type installer does not do XML method. Would that have effected my install?