What about DH.121 Trident?

  • Hello all,
    I'm new to the justflight productions. Yesterday I flew the justflight VC10 on my friend's computer, after that I felt that the British jets produced during the 1960s were elegant and beautiful compared with the jets airliners in other countries. Now that the justflight has pubilished several vintage jet airliners like the vc10 and the comet, then how about the dh121 trident?With its advanced avionics devides ,especially the ils with automatic landing function, in the 1960s, it is interesting to fly the jet like this one.With no other publishers developing this production, I have to downloaded a trident freeware on the simviation which is awful. So I wonder the developers of the justflight have considered the trident plan. And would you like to fly this plane if justflight or some other publishers finish it?timg (2).jpg timg 3.jpg

  • Fairly certain Aeroplane Heaven were the creators of the VC-10, but anyone can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I can expect they’ll eventually work on a Trident, at earliest after they finish their Caravelle.