Newbie question

  • Hello everyone newbie here and I would like to ask few questions please before I make my purchase.I m interested in the L-1011 pro and the VC 10 pro and my question is can someone please tell me if they both come with a flight tutorial which can be followed quite easily.My second question is which one of the aircraft is more easier to fly and setup however I have my eye on the L-1011 just saying. Thankyou in advance for any information also I have noticed that for the L-1011 there is hardly any tutorials on YouTube or else.

  • I have been with Just Flight for a number of years and purchased a lot of addon aircraft and this is the first time that I want a little bit of a answer to my question and I have none,this is very sad.I think that from now on I will think twice before purchasing further fro Just Flight.

  • Yes, this new forum is horrible. I have the same issue, zero response to what seems a very simple question.

  • JF Staff

    We try to make it clear that the forum is not the best place for support from Just Flight staff, we are quite a small team and unfortunately don't have the resources to read and respond to every single post with a full answer most would be happy with.

    That coupled with the fact the forum is quite new and doesn't have as many regular users as the old forum yet, means it can take a bit of time to get a response from either Just Flight or other customers that may be able to help. If you need a response within a day or two you'd be best submitting a support ticket.

    The description for both products does indicate that a tutorial flight is provided, how easy they are to follow I couldn't answer as that's pretty subjective and I'm less than an amateur when it comes to flight sim.

  • JF Staff

    @Piper-5299X said in Newbie question:

    Yes, this new forum is horrible. I have the same issue, zero response to what seems a very simple question.

    Where was the question you posed and we'll take a look?

  • @ch0llis I only wanted a answer any answer would done.I hardly think that my question qualifies for a support or support ticket as I wasn’t asking for that also I do realise that Just Flight is a small team and can’t answer to every question or has time to.But i consider myself as a good customer for a number of years now and all I just wanted is a answer that is all.Im new to the forum and has never asked for any help here or support.