The Alitalia one

  • Hi,
    I would like to start saying thank you for the decision to take as project an old style, and an icon like the Classic 747... Is really difficult nowadays to find producers of these really old and very pleasable aircrafts.
    Personally, i'm waiting for this one since years, and when i did read about you (JF) to relase it, was really really happy, will be surely one of the first to make his hands on this beauty.
    Just a little thing tho... I'm Italian and a romantic of old Alitalia birds... I remember the Baci Perugina, and the Bvulgari one... But those were not 747-100... Those were 747-200B! Alitalia probably never had a 100 in his fleet...
    Would be able to switch the Alitalia one in the 200 version?

    Many thanks, and greatings from Italy

  • RZjets says Alitalia had two 747-143s, I-DEMA and I-DEME. Yes, Alitalia did in fact have 747-100s, however they were never in any special livery, and were both out of service by 1981. Provided the repaint is either I-DEMA or I-DEME, they will be accurate for the 747-100.

  • @Noob21 oh wow, you opened a whole new world to me! Was preatty sure to have checked the whole 747 old fleet, but i was wrong...
    That's a very nice discover to make!
    And anyway, i just thought that having the 200 version in Alitalia livery will not be so difficult... 100 and 200 version had the same dimensions... We can just switch the livery in the most appropriate 200 one (if they have different engine sub-variants), and the game is done...
    Thank you!