Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

  • Is anyone else here curious about how this new MSFS is going to be? I hope it's easy to port over P3Dv4 addons to it, as it seems they're still using the basic framework FSX was on, and so forth. I can't imagine how beautiful something like the new 747 Classic would look in MSFS 2020.

  • JF Staff

    If they are planning on bringing it to Xbox, more likely they've completely ditched all the FSX parts about it and have begun again with a brand new game engine.

    Speculating is going to be fun 🙂

  • DX12 new engine released on the PC first next year windows 10 only.

  • Oh I missed this post. Just realised my thread filter was set old to new.

    I'm hoping they're ditching the entire engine and rebuilding fully optimised for PC's in 2020. Which I'm sure they will after 14 years.

    Does anyone have any specific wants?

    Mine would be just optimisation and stability. FSX is so clunky, I dread having to fiddle with the .cfg on clean installs.

  • @Matt-N
    No one knows yet pc version will req windows 10, I have signed up to the insider program but don't expect to see it before Q1 2020.