Expansion packs and other variants

  • Will there be later expansion packs for other variants of the 747 classic, the 747-200M(Combi), 747-300 and it's variants(Pax, Combi, Freighter), 747SP, and VC-25? Also will there be cockpit variants, including FMCs instead of the INS, and tape gauges instead of the steam gauges? With the level of detail that is being claimed and shown, I wouldn't be surprised if these were all available eventually.

  • I think they plan such additions as FMC, other variants and tape gauges. That is franly spoken a must. Also for the last 747 classic flew around were equipped with a TCAS. Much appreciated if they include that as well in an expasnion pack, though people already moan that FMS and TCAS is not classic. I think there are a lot who want such a retrofit 747 classic. It is still not a glass cockpit and is not related to a 747-400!