Considering buying the Duchess 76

  • I was considering buying the Duchess 76 and came onto the Forum to ask a specific question before deciding. However when I see other posts here it is all quite negative, e.g. fuse issue and some incorrect aircraft behaviour, so now having second thoughts unfortunately. This is a pity as I am looking for a reasonable twin engine and saw positive reviews reading PC Pilot.
    In any case here is my original question. I see that the aircraft has an interactive checklist, which was a big deciding factor for me, but as I imagine that each engine will be started separately will this work on my Saitek throttle quadrant which has a single lever for throttle, prop and mixture. I know that this can be programmed in FSX to operate both engines simultaneously but wonder how it would work on the checklist.
    I am hoping that you can assure me that the glitches are fixed and that my Throttle quadrant will work fine, and if so I'll place an order.

  • JF Staff

    Hi Tony,

    There are a few points to consider - Posts on the forum tend to paint products in a negative light as few people will post on here with praise, with the majority of posts being effectively support requests (and thus a bit negative), and that isn't an accurate reflection of the wider feedback for the product (e.g. PC Pilot and YouTube reviews).

    We have also released several updates in response to feedback so not all bug reports continue to be relevant, and a new update is due within the next week or two to address the latest feedback (minor stuff like the fuse animation direction, and more significant stuff like FDE improvements).

    Finally, there is always the option of a refund or exchange if the product doesn't meet your expectations.

    The checklist feature should work fine with your hardware configuration.


  • @Martyn - thanks for quick response. As long as the interactive checklist can be used with my Saitek hardware I'm happy! I can live with the fuse problem, although I see you intend to fix it. Also I make life easy for myself so I switch off random failures so wrong yaw direction won't be an issue for me either, certainly not until I've flown it for many months. I'm buying it now!