VFR 3D photo scenery vol 1 weird line

  • Hi all,
    I purchased both volume 1 & 2 Friday after giving up with orbx version due to terrible frame rates.
    I found much better performance with Just Flights new scenery in P3D V4.5, however I was flying South of Exeter and saw an abrupt line where the scenery has a different tone / shade. Is this how it should be or is something wrong please ?

  • I've noticed several places now in vol 1 & 2 where the scenery simply isn't blended in, obviously this is photo scenery taken on different days in different lighting but the shading hasn't been corrected to blend it in. That's what I'm thinking anyway, hopefully someone from JF can clarify.

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    There is another thread on this here:


    We have done a lot of work to blend as many obvious ones as the testers could find, but some will slip through. It also depends a bit on sim used and sim settings, how obvious these are. If you can let us know the co-ordinates we can take a look when all four vols are out and we release an update.

  • 2019-6-7_19-0-14-992.jpg

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  • 2019-6-7_19-4-43-78.jpg

  • 2019-6-7_19-4-6-702.jpg

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  • ![0_1559935388392_2019-6-7_19-15-52-626.jpg](Uploading 100%) P3D settings.jpg

  • Hope this helps, I haven't flown down by Exeter yet to get screenshots with coordinates.
    I will do that when I have some more spare time.

  • I got to speak to the JF team about the obvious colour mis matches all over volumes 1 to 3 at the Cosford flight sim show.
    Initially I was told that's the problem with photo scenery, but as I explained I have JF'S original photo scenery for FSX as well as Horizon genx photo scenery for FSX and neither of these had such obvious colour differences, the gentleman then went on to explain where the photo scenery had been purchased from and basically said nothing can be done to correct the colour anomalies.
    Bummer, not really happy about this outcome, but that's life, I feel now JF kind of jumped on the bandwagon that orbx had started with their photo sceneries to get a quick buck.
    As JF's new photo sceneries run so much better than orbx does I will stick with it and just be careful where I record for my YouTube videos.
    The Scotland scenery seems a lot better but I still have a lot of exploring to do.
    I did share a link to a video I'd done flying over their new Scotland scenery but got no feedback.

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    Don't know who the gentleman was but he knows nothing about our photo scenery. I wish you had spoken to me at Cosford - although I was in the auditorium most of the time.

    1. All the volumes from 2002 onwards had these anomalies. However, a lot of them were less noticeable on earlier sims due to the blurriness and also the images were often quite old - ie from different years - therefore easier to match - and the images were MUCH lower resolution. One solution - adopted by another developer for FSX - was to saturate the colour to the point where some fields ended up looking purple (and they contained wheat, not heather). We didn't take that approach with FSX and the same goes for Nexgen. In our opinion it is better to see a true image and blend it than simply re-paint the whole landscape to the point where you end up with glorified set of landclass scenery that looks poor. Bear in mind also that PCs render the scenery better nowadays than in the past and differences are more noticeable. We are using the very latest hi-res imagery that is available and it can be blended but, when testing involves flying over the entire country, it's not always easy to see where blends are needed. If you let us know the co-ordinates of any mis-matches that are striking we can take a look and see if we can improve the blend.
    2. Any bandwagon jumping wasn't done by us. We have produced photo scenery for FS2002, FS2004, FSX and now P3D. It's not a quick buck, but an incredibly slow and painstaking buck. Or, as we're told by our accountant, it's a long walk for a short drink. But, we like to think we know what we are doing in this area and the key is to produce scenery that works and doesn't kill frame rates.
    3. Where did you share this video link? If you let me know or drop our support team a line we will always reply and publicise it.
    4. I should add that I've noted down the co-ords of the screens above, as promised, and these are on the list to take a look at now that the fourth volume is out.

    Thanks for your feedback and I am sorry to hear you were so badly misinformed.

  • @Derek yes the same here. I have Vol 2 & 4. Overall it’s a great add on, but the mismatched colours really are hard to ignore. The darker areas look amazing but the washed out areas look bad at times. I was reluctant to buy after seeing so many washed out areas in the Vol 1 promo video.

    I really want to post screenshots in the Facebook groups, but can’t as almost every picture has a mismatched line, and it’d be unfair to Justflight to showcase it like that, it’d be met with negativity.

    I hope you can sort out the problem... then it’s an immediate buy to complete the set for me.

    As for reporting co-ordinates of mismatched areas? There are too many, it’d take me weeks.

    Otherwise potentially an awesome product!!!


  • @Derek Thanks for the reply, I really didn't want to offend anyone with my post, but I guess someone who has put a lot of time and effort into producing an add on for flight SIM would inevitably be hurt by a post like mine.
    I wish I could remember the name of the JF gentleman I spoke to so you could tell him off for what he told me.
    As I said though, on the whole I'm really happy that I have new photo scenery to use with autogen in the right places in P3D V4, that runs really rather well on my system, unlike the orbx version that kills my now old pc.
    I did also have JF revolution X over my photo scenery in FSX, so I've been a supporter of JF products for around 10 years now, I think anyway, I'm struggling to remember how long I've been simming now.
    I know what you mean about the purple fields in some FSX photo scenery as well, hence I had both vendors of UK photo scenery sets.
    I really hope the colours can be blended so they aren't as obvious, good luck.

    Here is the link to my Scotland video.


  • JF Staff

    @sleightflight No offence taken. Thanks for the video,. Are we able to use it on our Facebook page or similar?

  • @Derek Hi Derek,
    I would be really happy if you wanted to share it.

  • JF Staff


    OK - will probably post up some news about it next week and mention it in the newsletter.

  • @Derek Thanks Derek.

  • @Derek Here is one I've done today, starting at an airfield South of Fort William and going further North, then West out to one of the Isles.
    Loving your Scotland scenery.


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