Aeroplane Heaven C 140 VTOL

  • Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?
    I got the C 140 as soon as it came out and I love it. Worked perfectly.
    Then came the update.
    Now, I can start the aircraft with Ctrl+E, no problem.
    Starting manually however is a different matter.
    Battery ON; Fuel ON; Master Ignition ON; Magnetos BOTH; Throttle CRACKED; Engine PRIMMED; Starter ENGAGED.
    Aircraft shoots up to about 1,000 ft ASL with engine off.
    I have contacted AH and I await their reply, meanwhile, any ideas anyone?

  • JF Staff

    Unfortunately we are limited in the support that we can offer for Aeroplane Heaven' product issues such as this as we buy it in from them directly. They supply us with the assets, download files and installers and handle the tech support for it.

    You can contact them via the link below:

  • @Craig-Haskell I appreciate that. As I said, I have already contacted AH, I was just asking if anyone else had come across this problem.