Virtual Cockpit complexity

  • Just curious, will the passenger cabin be modeled at least partially(upper deck and possibly first class), or fully in the Virtual Cockpit, and if so, will there also be a possible option to disable the pax cabin for lower powered PCs? I personally should not have any problems with such a feature being present, however previously using a quite weak PC, I was curious if these users would be kept in mind.

  • JF Staff

    The -100 and -200 variants have pretty extensive interior cabins. However, we will be looking into providing an alternate set of optimised models for those looking to squeeze some extra fps from the sim.

  • @Rich I noticed it in the exterior model, but will it also be present in the interior model? If so, great. I always love a plane with a good pax cabin to sit back in on long haul flights instead of the cockpit. Imagining you’re a passenger is such a comfy thing to do, and it’s one of the reasons I love jumbos.