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    I believe FS Pilot Shop only grant you access to your purchases for 1 year. After that you have to pay a nominal fee to get access (for another year I presume).

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    @Rich Sounds like that has happened in the past and our support has sorted it out. Worth contacting them again.

    seems bizarre to charge for re-downloading over time. Quantity/frequency might make more sense if you want to save bandwidth.

  • @Derek

    Re-downloads from JF are free, unlimited.

    FSPS sell you the original link to access the JF site aircraft. This link has an expiry date.This link is then cut after a time period.

    They then charge you $4.95 to re activate that link to JF to obtain another D/L.

    So to update my 4 aicraft to the upgraded versions, (2017), would cost me $19.80, or stick with what I've got.


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    Not for the first time, I'm just left wondering why people don't just buy their stuff from us?
    You get unlimited downloads for free forever, and we've been around and offering downloads longer than pretty much everyone else in the industry so I think you can buy with a certain amount of confidence. We also offer loyalty points so those purchases from us would not only not have cost you any extra money getting hold of updates, but they would have actually saved you a few quid along the way.


    I've asked our support team to drop you a message and see if they can help you out.

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    @AutoSetup I have now PM'd you the details you need for this, with the instructions on what to do.

  • @Craig-Haskell

    Wow! Thanks a lot.
    The DC-8 10-40, was my first ever payway, having relied on freeware for the past 15 years.
    This aircraft consigned most of them to history.
    I used it to practice ILS approaches into Kai Tak and made a couple of videos of the event.

    The Tristar Pro, was a step up and continued my interest in getting into KaiTak, (more videos) and various military bases in UK using the DLC.
    It became my favourite aircraft, untill..............

    I got the Canberra!!!
    The cockpit in this is astounding. I couldn't stop looking around it, at nuts and wires etc. It has the smell of old pilots, you would expect from an aircraft of this era. The sound is superb.
    Probably the most difficult jet to fly correctly I've ever used. I did about a hundred ILS landings, mostly into Bentwaters and Hurn, before I felt it was good enough to make a video. Fantastic!

    All I'm missing now is my 4th aircraft, DH 104, which I used for practicing ILS into Hurn and the Tristar livery pack, also lost in my HDD failure..

    Thanks again.

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  • @AutoSetup

    For future reference.

    If you buy from fspilotshop, you will get 20 free re-downloads, which must be used within 1 year.
    There is no reference to this fact before you buy and the link will be closed. You have to pay $4.95 to re-open it.
    If there is an update to the product it will be opened for another free year. Product activation codes are always available.
    Backup the file and there will be no problem, but if, like me, you lose your HDD, you have to pay to re-open each link.
    With Store Flightsim, I don't know their policy, because you don't know it before you buy.

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    @AutoSetup I have now PM'd you the details you need for this, with the instructions on what to do.

    Would you mind adding the Tristar livery pack 1, which has the essential RAF liveries.

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    fspilotshop, is now completely dead..