De Havilland DH106 Comet 4

  • I have had this one for awhile and must confess done very little with this at all. I am now off and simming with this model. So far I am amazed this is a real gem. I have had absolutely no issues or problems with it all and I am very impressed with the quality of the textures, VC, systems modelling and general finish.

    I guess it is not for everybody because it was after all the first jet liner every produced in the world and by comparison to even a Boeing 707 its systems can see quite well quaint.

    Any feed back from users would be appreciated but I give it 10 out of 10 so far. Still has to be run through its paces, long distance, fuel systems juggling etc.

    Yes and the autopilot and navaid systems take some getting used to. No there is no DME but that is the way it was.

  • You've got me interested now! Like you I've had it for a while and got enticed by other, more complex, add-ons. It's pretty neat in fact and will take some studying.

  • Yes the only issue I have is with the poor details about stuff in the manual. In particular the navaids setup etc. There is one feature of the Comet that is very difficult to get ones head around and that is the HSI. It is a weird instrument. Basically it gives you a visual representation of the aircraft heading and position in relations to the relevant beacon tune on the Nav Receiver/
    You set HDG and Course values which are used in the HDG and Nav mode of the autopilot.
    Heading pointer is the shortline
    and the Course pointer is the longer line with a circle on it.
    THE HSI does not turn with the aircraft. The course pointer moves along with the aircraft. The course dial rotates when you adjust the course setting knob.

    Basically it is very difficult to orientate yourself and the aircraft position with this instrument, it is not AH/JF's fault, that is the way it was. If you want to fly visually, such as a circuit you set the runway direction as the course but it will not move, the other pointers move until they align with the course or are 180 degrees. Need lots of practice to get used to this especially as the RMIs are fixed card type as well.

    Other than that a delight to fly and a real experience, enjoying it a lot.

  • You got me interested again as well.
    Ditched the AC right after buying it, for reasons I can't remember.

    I do now.
    Filled all fuel tanks with 1000 kgs of fuel, and checked the gauges.


    5 out of 9 are correct.
    Maybe that's OK for JF quality control, but not for me. Sorry.


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    @f16jockey said in De Havilland DH106 Comet 4:

    Maybe that's OK for JF quality control, but not for me. Sorry.


    It came out over 8 years ago. Did you report this to Support? If so, what response did you get? The aircraft was patched after release to clear a few reported bugs but this wasn't one of them.