DH Devon/Dove gyro sound/battery draining after shutdown.

  • I have been having a intermittent issue with the Just Flight Devon/Dove.

    I have a saved flight I have been chipping away at for some time in the RNZAF Devon.

    When I park the aircraft up after a flight and do a shut down in most instances on shutting down the battery the electric gyro will spool down and the GPS will shut off with the remainder of the avionics.

    However when I come back a few hours later, I am finding that sometimes without any particular rhyme or reason the gyro will be spooled up and the GPS/comm radios will be on, even with the battery switched off.

    Occasionally changing the heading or loading a previous save and switching back will fix the issue but this is inconsistent.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and know what is causing this and/or a solution?

    I am running various ORBX scenery addons and ActiveSky 2016 weather.