MSFS - Santa Paula ( KSZP ) feedback

  • Just picked up KSZP and really liking it overall. Have been in there a couple times IRL and a good version for sims has been long overdue!

    One minor distraction is the concrete material used on some ramp / hangar floor areas - it's super specular and "wet" looking
    kszp 02.jpg
    kszp 03.jpg

    A question I had, comparing the taxiway/apron materials to both Google and Bing data ( and I have no idea when their images were taken ) - the darker ( newer ) asphalt areas appear to be flipped? I know these places get resurfaced regularly and maybe google and bing are out of date...
    kszp 04a.jpg
    kszp 04b.jpg

    If there was any need for the devs to go back and touch the scenery - it'd be really nice to improve some of the areas outside the airport perimeter ( autogen and default data ) - it would add a lot IMO.

    MSFS data has the river shown "very optimistically" 😉 it'd be nice to re-mask the water ( and add some vegetation to the river bed ) to something that looks realistic for most of the year.
    kszp 05a.jpg
    kszp 05b.jpg

    The default bridge east of runway 22 could easily be improved. Some of the autogen buildings are way too high for the area + adding some SDK objects would go a long ways
    kszp 06a.jpg
    kszp 06b.jpg

    It'd be great to replace some of the autogen buildings on the approach paths to both sides of the airport ( VFR and noise abatement checkpoints ) - even just using default SDK objects would be a huge improvement over the missing/autogen. Trailer park and RV dealer / Self Storage are all good landmarks....
    kszp 07a.jpg
    kszp 07b.jpg

    Again - really enjoying the scenery so far!