Canberra PR9 and P3Dv4

  • I have the same problem as a topic raised last year.

    I also have the Canberra boxed version which worked fine in SFSX and I have now changed to P3D v4. I added the Canberra update for P3D v4 but the Panel is black and no Tailplane or Nosecone showing. I have tried a re-install from the original disk and re-applied the P3Dv4 update but still the same result.
    I have had the product for some years so I can't recall where I purchased it - hope this does not cause a problem with any fix.
    The advice given at the time to the person who had the problem was to raise a ticket.
    He did this and you were able to solve it for him by advising a fesh download.

    Can you offer any advice other than to purchase a new download copy which supports P3Dv4?
    Thanks, GrahamL

  • JF Staff

    Graham, that advice is still the best option - if you raise a ticket with support they'll be able to help you get the Canberra working again.