Questions about MD-8x series

  • Good day all
    Questions about the MD-8x series:

    1. With the assumed temperature knob, where do you actually see the assumed temp reading? It looks functional and you can turn it both + and - but I couldn't find the window/gauge reading the value it changes. Plus, in the manual it's referred to as if it's completely functional. Other inoperable knobs are marked "Inop" or mentioned as "not modeled" in the manual.

    2. HUGE discrepancy between ALL the V-speeds calculated by the FMS and those in the manual (pages 10-14) for any given weight; FMS calculates much higher speeds (by up to 20-25).
      For example for 100000 LBS, V-ref 40/LND on the published table is 115 and what I got from FMS today was 138.
      This causes a significant nose-down attitude on final which almost makes it impossible to flare the AC on touchdown and I have had to deliberately override this speed and slow down to get a more sensible nose-up pitch at touchdown.
      Any clues?

    Many thanks