Flight Systems

  • I was curious about the systems of the F-28 and was kind of mixed on the development that it is now going to be an MSFS exclusive. I am very happy that there is a solid commercial airliner being developed for MSFS by Just Flight, and a rarely made, retro one at that. But I have my hesitations that it will be properly modeled for MSFS as opposed to how it would have been for P3D. Is JF going to be using this as a jumping point to try and figure out complex custom systems for larger aircraft such as jet airliners? I really would like it to be the case, as opposed to the many jets currently on the market that just have placeholder systems either cut together or outright copied and pasted from existing vanilla aircraft systems. If this is supposed to be a learning experience for JF for making complex custom systems in MSFS, I am fully supportive of your endeavor and can not wait to see the aircraft finished and ready for release, as well as the many likely upcoming aircraft that will come after the fact.