P3Dv4.5 F-27 texture problem

  • Why does the fuselage lines look really dark and more visible during times when the sun does not shine on the fuselage? I remember it never used to look like such, wonder what went wrong?

    These are the lines all over on the fuselage and the tail when the light does not shine on that part (model is -100).
    fuse lines

    When the light shines on the fuselage, this is how it looks (model is -100).
    fuse lines with light

    Another problem in the -300 version is that the -100 (or -200) cargo door overlaps on the -300 cargo door in the fuselage.
    -300 cargo door problem

    Cannot be seen when light shines on the fuselage of the -300 version.
    alt text

    Any suggestions for possible fixes for the above problems, please? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the aircraft, and still the problem exists.

    Never had this problem before in FSX and in P3Dv4.3/4.4.