Wild oscillation

  • I have noticed a few times, on take off or into a climb that the 152 will start making a sharp left or right rolls. Attempting to resolve always results in an over correction to the other side.

    I can eventually correct, but having flown a 152, I never had this happen in real life, so a bit puzzled why it's happening in the sim.

    This is the only aircraft I have this issue with, so I'm not sure what the solution.


  • It sounds as though you are using stock / unadjusted weather? Dig up the 'Hunter Instability' thread in the old forum:


    (that link is to the 152 thread, there's a further link I posted in there to the Hunter. All worth a read).

    Hope that helps,

  • Thanks..

    I've tried it both with stock 'clear skies' and AS16. However, according to the thread that you pointed me to, my settings in AS16 might have been too aggressive.