Airfield buildings

  • So I buy and install Vol. 1.
    London is the frame rate killer, so I load up my trusty Stinson at London City.
    I take to the skies. The frame rate is about 28 fps, best I have ever had over London.
    But I have two O2 Arenas, two Gerkins, one Tower Bridge but two Waterloo Bridges, one London Eye, but two Houses of Parliament (now that is a terrifying sight!), one Buckingham Palace and two Nelson's Columns.

    Reboot the computer and try again. This time I'm down to one of everything, except I still have two Gerkins, but if I can get 30 fps over London, I can live with that.

    Next to try, a Hunter through Tower Bridge.

    This is a very good product for the price. Well done.

  • JF Staff

    @petesmiffy If you are seeing two copies of the Gherkin it is likely to be to do with other scenery packages or something like that. VFR certainly doesn't ship with two. Worth contacting support with a screenshot and they can probably suss out what is displaying twice. Again, likely to be 'authority' and one scenery package is trumping another. Did you say you had an OrbX package installed?

  • I have both Orbx UK and Orbx UK True Earth, but I have disabled them. I do however have Orbx Land Class Europe active but set below VFR Vol. 1 and 2 in my Scenery Library. 2019-5-15_22-33-18-302.jpg

  • @petesmiffy One Gerkin seems to be overlapping another building2019-5-15_22-41-44-373.jpg Both appear in the F12 view.

  • Found an Orbx file that should have been disabled was still active.
    Problem solved.
    Thanks for your time.

  • JF Staff

    Glad it is sorted.

    It would make sense that you were previously seeing two of some landmark objects but not others if there was a replacement set live. Any that lined up exactly would appear as one while those where they have been placed slightly differently from ours would show two of them.

    London has the most default landmarks in the country (more than the rest of the country combined) so this is the most likely place these sort of problems will occur. As well as orbx TE, orbx England and possibly orbx Europe there are may London-enhancing addons/cityscapes around that modify/move/replace the landmark objects here.

    On another note it looks like you have the autogen turned down low (judging from the low amount of buildings and trees showing in the screenshots).You might want to try increasing hthe autogen settings a bit as I think you could go up a notch or two without losing too many fps.

  • I turned up the autogen and the overall look is much better and no noticeable effect of frame rate.
    However, HMS Belfast has disappeared! Gain a couple of bridges too, a double Blackfriars and a new bridge between Southwark and Millennium. But I'm not complaining, I could keep tweaking, but that way madness lies.

  • JF Staff

    I don't think you need to tweak - there is clearly something conflicting and adding London landmarks.

  • Thanks for all the help.
    I think that, other than endless tweaking, the solution would be a clean install of P3D, so I'll live with it and Londoners can benefit from their two new bridges.

  • @petesmiffy in case it's any help, there should be two bridges at Blackfriars. The Western bridge is the road bridge, the Eastern bridge is the rail bridge (which looks a little different now as they moved the station to on top of the bridge a few years ago). In between the two are unused pillars from an older bridge which has been demolished - nice to see those feature on the screenshot.

    Perhaps the other extra bridge is the rail bridge which goes across the river to Cannon Street Station (don't know the official name of that one sorry).