TB10/TB20 + GTN 750 (DME missing)

  • I use X-Plane 11 with the Just Flight TB 10 / TB 20 addon, which works wonderfully, I love it! (we're flying a TB10 in real too).
    I just bought the RealityXP Garmin GTN650/750 addon - it also works great in the TB10 in X-Plane too.

    The GTN750 (of course) replaces several devices in the center panel, for example also the DME.
    I would like to use X-Plane for my IFR training at home, so a DME would be required to do it properly (for example, the ADF is nice, but it's not required for IFR in Germany).

    Now my question:
    Is there any way to adjust the avionics? For example to replace the ADF for the DME? (in that combination: TB10 + RealityXP GTN750)

    I am very impressed how great everything works. I know it's kinda specific, but as I am training on a TB10 with a GTN750 (for IFR) in real, that would just be such a perfect way to practise the procedures if there also was the DME.

    Thank you for any help 🙂