Multiple incorrect flight numbers - program limitation or user error?

  • Hi all - recently purchased TG for xp11. I use xp11 in conjunction with my foreflight app and was hoping what I see as traffic in foreflight would be replicated in my sim. This however has been far from the case. Additionally, the flight #s I see in the sim are way off than what is accurate. For example, I'm started up here in CLT and see a AAL4783 departing (tag says KCLT - KLEX). I look up the flight in flightaware and it's actually a flight sitting at LGA bound for Boston not taking off for another few hours.

    Do I not have correct settings set up? I'm coming from the freeware LiveTraffic which certainly had its limitations but nailed the flight # and Foreflight integration accuracy.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • JF Staff


    Thanks for the post. As you also raised a support ticket regarding this we've replied to that for you.

    Many thanks,