Jetways / Air Bridge

  • Evening Ladies & Gent's, I have found that when connecting to jetways with Sam or Autogate the jetway seems to be almost a metre above the bottom of the L1 door. I am not sure if its just me that's experiencing this however if you are I have adjusted the door position in plane maker to rectify this. 🙂

    However be warned if you choose a stand with a jetway that's clearly designed for a heavy aircraft the jetway will not look right ... at all. 👀

    Open Plane Maker.
    Open the just flight 146-300.acf located in the aircraft folder.
    Click Standard -> Viewpoint.
    Navigate to the Dock Ports tab.
    Change the values in "has boarding door1" in the third box along to the ones in the image below.
    alt text
    Click file -> save.

    Then you are done. Enjoy connecting the jumbalino to a jetway 🙂

    alt text

  • exactly, good method while we wait for a definitive fix, because in the mean time at each update one must repeat the process. I'll just board with steps for now. 🙂