Thank you!

  • Over the course of the previous 4 years that I've had X-Plane 11 I have purchased many aircraft. Some great, some good, and some that made me wonder what I was smoking when I made the purchase after-the-fact. But this BAe-146 is just stunningly superb!

    Oftentimes I ask myself if I had to whittle my hangar from >50 aircraft down to just 10, which one/s would make the cut? I can say without any hesitation or reservation that your latest contribution to the X-Plane community is definitely one of them, for sure!

    And to those who complain about not having the custom FMC, I suppose they have never flown using radio nav and know only the magenta/green line? Try this - you'll really like it! Waiting to purchase this until the custom FMC comes out is like not buying a house because you don't like the color of the paint on the walls. But really... no judgment.

    Martyn and JF devs who worked so tirelessly on this (and still do from what it appears) again, I thank you for your efforts and will continue to support you in the future!

    John / Palm Springs, California

  • +1 😉

    Really, a very good add-on that I already love it !

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the great feedback, John!