BAE 146 bugs

  • The BAE 146 is amazing but there are still a few bugs I found so far:

    The HSI shows no information while in flight. All heaters etc are on, so no frozen pitot:
    The windows of the -200 variant are broken at the front and at the back:
    When I look through the passenger window the fan blades are invisible and I can look into the interior of the engine:, from the outside they look normal as intended
    It would be great if you could extend the cabin sounds up to the windows. When I move my camera closer to the passenger window, to have a great view, the engine sounds disappear but the rest of the sounds stay on.
    The APU Air button makes no sound at all:
    Sometimes the copilot mutes itself while in flight and I don't get any callouts anymore like speed checked set flaps...
    When I select a new VHF frequency and change it from standby to active the knob textures switch places:
    I don't know if this is a bug but with TMS sync enabled the engines are still not synchronized:
    When I change from cockpit view to external view the fuselage looks funny for half a second:
    The same with the cockpit when changing from external to internal view, it looks blurred for half a second. It is only half a second but still annoying:

    I hope you can fix these issues
    Thanks in advance
    Greetings Alex

  • Hi Alex,
    Some more information will help with solving your issues.

    1. HSI- No info: is this in RNAV or NAV? Do you have an in range VOR selected if in NAV? You'll only see GS in NAV mode if you've tuned an in range DME station.
    2. Pitot HTRS: Is this a statement or a question? I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.
    3. Fan Blades missing: Interesting and certainly not ideal. Could I ask for your Graphics settings and setup?
    4. Cabin sounds: I'll make the suggestion
    5. APU Air switch: Are you referring to the "click" when pressing the switch?
    6. Slack Co-Pilot: Will mention this and dock their pay.
    7. COM Knobs: Will mention
    8. TMS: Will look into. It appears you've got the Thrust Levers "Full Forward" in that screenshot, this may be a cause. But does it happen at other Thrust settings? 88% etc?
    9. Funny External View: May be a graphics setting or issue, will mention.
      10 Internal/External blured textures: As #9. This may be a Graphics issue.

    Thanks for the detailed list and for providing images, it helps a lot!

  • Thanks for your quick answer.

    1. Yes, RNAV was selected. I did not know I have to use a VOR 😅
    2. This was a statement, I just wanted to let you know that the pitot heaters were working and could not cause the HSI to show nothing.
    3. My PC specs are: Windows 10, GTX 1080TI (11GB Vram) by Phoenix, i7-7700k @ 4.8Ghz, 4TB HDD WD Blue, 32 GB DDR4 Ram, ASUS STRIX Z270F Gaming Mainboard. My X Plane settings are:
    4. thanks
    5. The click sound is missing
    6. Thx
    7. Thx
    8. This happens with full thrust AND with thrust at around 80%
    9. I think this is the way the aircraft is rendered to save FPS. I never had this bug on any other addon before

    PS. There is a bug in the default FMC. This bug happens only in this addon, not in any other ones, so it is not a default X Plane issue. When I go to the Prog page in the FMS the T/D zulu time is always negative (-808z)
    Another suggestion: Can you make the yokes shake when you make a stall test?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi again,

    1. The FMS isn't providing GS info to the HSI unless there's an active plan in the FMS.
    2. Thanks, I get it now 🙂
    3. Thanks, could you confirm if this is with a particular varient/livery? I'm not seeing this, nor are there any other reports.
    4. From my testing, I can hear the Cabin noise till I basically have my nose pushed through the Cabin window.. It hurts!
    5. Fixed for next release
    6. Being looked into
    7. It's actually the knobs rotating, not switching. But yes, they shouldn't both be rotating.
    8. Being looked into
    9. As item 3.

    Thank you again for your reports!

  • 1.There is a flightplan. This time I also tuned in a VOR that was in front of me but the FMC still showed -808Z:
    3.Try the -200 or -300
    4.Yes, you can still hear the cabin but no engines when you get too close to the window

    By the way, the TMS is working correctly now.

    Another report: Can you lower the coordinates for the doors, please? When the gate connects it is too high

  • Hi BlueLobster,

    Just some feedback for you. The Co-Pilot callouts are dependant on your view point within the Flight Deck. So if you're seated closer to the R/H (I believe anywhere RIGHT of the center of the Flight Deck), you'll no longer hear the Co-Pilot call outs. Can you try this?