Errors on technical model

  • Well done on the 146 model, you guys have done an awesome job.
    There are some errors, which would be nice if corrected though.

    PTU warning: The MWS will only give a NIPS warning after something like 5 seconds. Your warning is a little too ambitious.
    Fuel pump warning: There should be no lights on the overhead when the fuel pumps are selected off. That warning should only illuminate if the pumps are ON, and there is low pressure downstream from the one way valve to the engine.
    Air Lo (Hydraulics). This system is a little over active and should not give so many warnings.
    Engine Air valves: The number 4 engine Air is inhibited and does not give a Air Selected On Ground warning.
    On the ground all the warnings are inhibited in the parking bay by pulling the MWS Ground Ops button (The same one used for testing the warnings/lights).

    When operated correctly in real life, there is not quite so many bells and warnings sounding.

    Thank you.

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the report, Marcelle! We'll investigate these ahead of the next update.