Issue with PM Callouts

  • I've observed that PM callouts are refering only to T.O with Flaps 18°, with FLAPS 24° or 30° the PM continues to take Vspeed of the 18°configuration.
    I'm doing a flight to see if this issue occurs in approach mode too.

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  • "V2 + 10, safe height speed, flap 18" , callout is still wrong here, the callout is corresponding to the speed of Flaps 18 configuration, not 24 or 30. For example today i was configured with flaps 24 (V2 128). The corresponding callout had to come at 138kts. But no, it was coming at 148, wich was the V2+10 for the Flaps 18 configuration (V2 138).

    I have this issue from the begginning.