Lift dumper and landing gear question

  • Hello,
    Is there any way to bind a key to the airbrake and/or lift dumpers. I assigned a key to lift dumpers (under thranda and flight model) and the lever does not move when pressing the key or joystick button for speedbrakes.

    The other oddity i found was behind the center pedestal there is a landing gear emergency handle. It shows a hand palm that would lift a cover to expose the handle. I click and use the mouse wheel and nothing happens.

    Thanks for clairification

  • Hi Austin,
    I don't use "lift dump". Try "Speed Brakes- Retract full/ extend". Keep in mind that the Spoilers are only available on the ground, and the Air-brake is controlled by the same lever. So, you extend the Air-brake first, then extend them again to activate the Spoilers.

    The Emergency Gear Extension system works by clicking like you are. The Access Panel and actual lever are not modeled at this stage.

    Thank you,