TMS, not adjusting thrust

  • Hello,
    I've followed the manual and have used the TMS in other versions of the 146, however, it doesn't seem to be working.
    So, I select TO. I get the blue arrows indicating for me to advance the thrust levers. I stand the throttle up to 50% and let them settle, then push them forward. However, the TMS isn't fine tuning them. I have to set the power manually- the blue arrows have gone off suggesting that they shiuld be modulating the thrust themselves. Once in flight, no matter what mode I select, MCT, DECS, SYNC, it's not doing anything.

    I'm sure it's me, but what am I missing?

    Thanks, Paul.

  • JF Staff

    Can you post a screenshot showing the TMS panel when this happens?

  • First image- TO Selected- engines at idle- blue arrows showing "more thrust"
    Second image- Thrust levers stood up, engines stable- still showing "more thrust"
    Third image- Blue arrows out- meaning it can modulate itself- engines settle at 55% and remain there.

  • Morning,
    Have these screenshots helped?

  • JF Staff

    @paulC said in TMS, not adjusting thrust:

    Have these screenshots helped?

    Yes, thanks Paul. The TMS is currently undergoing some changes ahead of the next update.

  • @Martyn Got the update, seems to be working fine now.
    Thanks very much.