British Airports Volume 6 Northern England (Part 1)

  • Hi all,

    Running MSFS 2004 A Century of Flight inside VM Virtual Box - Windows 7 Pro (64)

    Have successfully installed Just Flight products utilising SecControl app as below
    FS Terrain
    VFR Photographic Scenery Vol 1-4
    VFR Terrain Vol 1
    British Airports Vol 1-5

    However install of British Airports Vol 6 (Northern England Part 1) fails with Cannot locate the DVD-ROM error

    Any ideas as to what is happening here and any workarounds/fixes most welcome


    Geeman Sizzler

  • JF Staff


    The disc is more than likely knackered. Have you had it from new? It was released in February 2004 so the disc may well have degraded by now. Are you able to explore it?