Tca throttle Quad

  • I have a TCA quadrant can I link 4 engines to the throttle?

  • JF Staff

    Whilst we don't have a TCA quadrant to test with, it should work fine:

    • Custom throttle lever logic – fuel latch logic which is compatible with hardware (avoiding jitters due to conflicting throttle positions), cutomisable variation in throttle positions for added realism, clickspot for controlling all four levers simultaneously etc.

    • Full support for command assignments, hardware and cockpit builders:

      • All controls can be assigned to commands, with tooltips on every clickspot to indicate which command to use
      • Parameters such as smoothing animation, number of positions, attached dataref, push-button depth, knob rotation multiplier, frame-skip (for optimisation), default position etc. can all be customised via the Manifest.json file, providing great support for hardware and cockpit builders.
      • Default commands for landing and taxi lights, windsscreen wipers, panel lights etc. are still respected, despite being implemented with custom functionality

  • What I did for 4 engined aircraft in XP was to download this plugin. You can then control two engines per axis if you bind your left lever to eng no. 1 and the right one to eng no. 4. While you can't control each engine individually it's still better than controlling all four engines with only one axis in my opinion.