buy for X-Plane or P3D?

  • Hey, Folks,

    Not looking to start a sim vs sim flame war, so please refrain.

    I've gone through the product descriptions, etc. and noted some of the differences - presumably due to sim capabilities.

    Fact is I still fly P3D just about as much as X-Plane (it basically comes down to which plane I want to fly), but since this one is now available for both sims, I'm wondering if anyone has any hands on advice (e.g., you have JF products on both sims) on which might be "better."

    For me, flight model "feel" is the paramount concern. My favorite P3D add-ons are A2A, MilViz, & Majestic mainly for that reason. Conventional wisdom would push me towards the X-Plane version for that reason, but I dislike making assumptions.

    Any thoughts/advice welcome.