DC-8 ??

  • No one has been replied to in the old forum for almost a year in the old forum.

    Whats the word..?

    The DC8 had a hundred unanswered questions in the Que. Will this new forum bring us the answers or do they all need to be asked again?

    No trim movement sound.
    Landing lights illuminate the Flight deck badly.

    Any news of an update? Any fixes on the horizon?

    Any others having this? Just flight?

    Bilbo Brooks

    Below are some examples.

    **Topic: AP Issues
    Posted: Sep 03 2018 at 2:50pm
    As I am having not a single response from JF to this topic in the P3D section here, I thought I'd give it a shot here.

    Not brought this JF buy out of my hangar since I first bought it.

    In P3D v4.

    So, did the Tutorial. Okay have got the hang of it. Now, trying a flight from EDDL-EGCC.

    But why will the AP select mode after reaching say 4000 ft at 250 kts not stick to the dialled-in climb rate, with VERT HOLD or HDG knobs selected as the Tutorial advises ? Instead the rate of climb shoots beyond 4000ft/min, aircraft begins to stall, so have to manually then pitch down.

    Nor will the Altitude Hold switch do exactly that----hold the altitude? The aircraft just keeps climbing as above. In fact the AP may as well not be there for all it does, which in fact is...........xxxxx !!
    Is it a bug, or what? Or am I not doing something right despite following the Tutorial to the letter?

    So frustrated with this aircraft that have now deleted it from within P3D.**

    **Topic: P3Dv3 flickering runway textures in V.C.
    Posted: Aug 11 2018 at 4:26pm
    With the latest sale, I could resist the DC-8 and extra liveries pack no longer, and with my rewards point discount, it came to a mere £18.10. So far, so very good - certainly, one of my better flightsim add-on choices, I think.

    Just one thing I thought I would mention, in case anyone else comes across it - I was getting dark grey horizontal flickering in various areas of the runway texture, when in the VC. And only in the VC - external views were fine. ( No problem with any other aircraft.)

    I deleted my Shaders folder, let the sim rebuild it, and it's all sorted out. No more flickering. I thought it worth posting, as there are folks who don't like to tinker at all, and it's a very quick and simple remedy.

    A great 8, thank you. Smile**

    Topic: dc 8 50-70 yoke
    Posted: Aug 07 2018 at 8:24am
    How do you turn off/on the control yoke?


  • Hi MadDogMan,

    Thanks for your post.

    Do you know if somebody posted the issue about the fuel/operating range?

    I'm same as you confused about this JF DC-8 (10-40). In the manual they write, range 6300NM (max. load). But on my fly from Geneva to JFK (3500NM) the airplane is gonna be empty before arriving JFK...Funny stuff. 😕

    I hope somebody can support us on this issue.

    Have a nice day.

    Rgds. Francesco

  • I've had issues with Visual artifacts in the VC in P3d V1.4. I've never been able to even fly my DC-8's.... Same with my Hawker 800. Same thing and crash to desktop on top of it.