Just Flight Hawk

  • I am eagerly awaiting the Hawk for MSFS.

    I read that the jet is to have TACAN and ILS radios.

    Can I ask if you've solved the issue with the Asobo TACAN beacons? These do not currently work in the Asobo sim. I have placed a ticket in to Asobo, in the hope they can update the TACAN.

    Normally, each TACAN has a corresponding "VOR" frequency that you can tune and the TACAN becomes a VORTAC or VOR/DME. In MSFS this does not work.

    Since point to point navigation is fundamental to a jet trainer (any trainer) a working TACAN radio is vital.

    Please chase up Asobo to fix this issue, it will improve the Hawk immensely!

    Best regards.

  • I hope Hawk will have all systems working like PA28R but I'm worried that actual SDK can't allow that.