F-28 testers

  • JF Staff

    We are currently looking for new beta testers with experience of realistically operating study-sim level aircraft in FSX/P3D and/or real-world F28 knowledge, and sufficient free time and an interest to regularly contribute to the testing process. If that sounds like you then please get in touch - martyn@justflight.com


  • Just curious about the cockpit for the F-28, are there any screen shots? I’d love to apply for testing but I have no real life knowledge of the flight characteristics of the F-28, nor do I have extensive knowledge of study level aircraft, so my input wouldn’t be of much value.

  • JF Staff

    The team are busy modelling the cockpit and we'll be in a position to start sharing preview pics of those in the next month.

  • I just saw the preliminary cockpit model photos, and my goodness do they look wonderful. I also was reminded that the F-28 is a quite unique aircraft, having two mechanically linked sets of throttle controls instead of just one, among some other interesting features, including what appears to be a DC-10/MD-11/767 style service door and swing down cargo doors.