Bandeirante and a suggestion.

  • Loving the Bandeirante, especially at a sensible price.
    I have a problem with the fuel and you are going to say, "Tell NextGen about it". That's fine, but it took some Googling to find their support page. So, here's my suggestion. Could you put third-party support addresses either on the product page or on the support page?
    In case any other sim-pilot is interested, the problem was; external HUD fuel gauge said 26%, both engines stopped. Internal gauges read Left Empty, Right 750 pounds. Crossfeed was no help. Unable to restart either engine. On the plus side, the aircraft handled like a twin with no engines, lost the hydraulics for the brakes, but got the flaps and wheels down, the props did not feather, but otherwise a good exercise in landing with engine failure. Or, as we glider pilots call it, landing.

  • I bought the plane today, I was very skeptical due the confusing opinions on the internet, but I decided to go ahead and give it a chance. I love the real plane and I have same model for other simulators. I had not high expectations on this one after reading some user opinions, but ready to enjoy it.

    Result on my end: almost unflyable.

    I have a 3 monitor setup with 30fps average in all of my planes. This one has a max of 14fps.

    Interior textures are like going back in the time 10 years or more, but I can live with that.

    Sounds are not bad, are worst. I feel like flying inside a hair drier.

    I sent email to the developer and waiting for solutions, if he doesn't fix current issues I will consider this one a waste of money, even with a "sensible price". Hope he will.

  • Very quick answer from NextGen. The problem appears to be solved.

  • The developer is attending very quick and seems to be listening to the users, which is good.

    To be fair, I think they are willing to fix all the issues as soon as possible.

    The aircraft has a lot of potential, but "potential" means something only when the developer is actively updating and fixing it, which so far, seems to be this case.

    Exterior textures are great!, interior textures not that great for the price, but its ok.

    Internal cockpit sounds still need lot of improvements. Sounds are not that important? ...unless you do long flights... then its a problem. So for me they are.

    If you have a good good performance with more than 50fps in average, probably this aircraft will work fine in your setup. Just take in mind that currently is cutting off performance almost to a half inside the cockpit.

    For users having 30fps setups this performance lowering could be a big issue.

    Hope the developer will address all of this soon, then this plane is going to be fun.

  • Youtube link
    This is my detail review of the Embraer 110P1 by NextGenSimulations. I do have some time stamps in the description of the video to ease your pain and suffering. lol This is More of the talkie talkie video, instead of the normal format. Hopefully the developer will watch as video, and understand the constructive criticism that I put forth in this video. Cheers Dion