EGLK Blackbushe 2 Windsocks within metres of each other

  • Hi. I live a within a few hundred metres from Blackbushe airport. It's a brilliant product and I'm really pleased with it.

    I have a minor comment. Why are there 2 windsocks within a few metres? In addition, they are indication different wind directions, I assume that one is interfering with the other!

  • @g0you probably the author didn't notice that Exclusion Rectangles tend not to work with Windsocks in the sim.
    They do until you are in DevMode (so it's even harder to notice as a Developer), and the problem only comes out when you install your addon with DevMode disabled.

    Also the orientation is due to a limitation of MSFS SimObjects. The solution there is quite simple and I'm sure the dev is gonna correct it soon 🙂

    Chris AKA Losco Nosciuto

  • I only get one windsock at each end of the runway but thay are pointing 180 degs in the wrong direction. I have tried this in real weather and manual by inputting a ground wind of 260/20 and the windsock points to where the wind is coming from. I have sent a support ticket to Just Flight but so far no response from the developer.

  • Can anyone else confirm this directional problem with the wind sock at Blackbushe, it might just be a problem with my system - thanks

  • @GAJ52 no it is not. The author has placed them rotated by 180° and until he fixes them there is not much to do 🙂

  • Sorry for the slow reply to this! Windsocks being corrected along with one or two other minor issues, update will be available shortly 🙂