Won't Start

  • Just found the fuel valve in the docs. HTH is anyone supposed to access that? My pan switch won't go under the panel and look back to even see it.

    I would have never been able to access it if I didn't have Chase Plane.. Perhaps realistic, but not a good design given the limitations of the virtual cockpit.

  • @airernie If you cycle through the cockpit views, you'll see one called 'Floor Controls'. Whilst not the best, it does give direct access to the fuel valve - that's the simple way to access it unless you have something like TrackIR (which I use and can operate the valve easily). Yes - a bad design, blame Cessna! I'm fairly certain they weren't thinking of us poor simmers when they put it there.


  • @Delta558 Thanks. Just venting my frustration. Fortunately, I have Chase Plane.