Duchess 76 for AFS2 questions (and a bug?)

  • ​Finally had the time to fly. Few things I noticed:

    • cold and darks works but when starting in cold and dark the COM2, ADF and transponder are on. I think they should be off...?

    • the manual says you can enable GPS mode for the AP by clicking on CDI but nothing happens: the plane won't follow the flightplan no matter what. Does GPS mode work in this plane or not?

    • in HDG the HSI still shows NAV in red...? Is that normal? It seems to be normal: the NAV flag only disappears when a NAV frequency has been entered in the radio and the radio 'sees' it.

    • during cruise setting throttle from 23 MP to 15 MP has an effect on speed but not on altitude... Shouldn't the plane lose altitude too? Solved: this has to do with the AP running in ATT mode all the time, even with ATT mode off.

    • ALT on the AP seems to do nothing: the plane keeps on going up or down, no matter what. Seems to work in the meantime...

    • bug: the engine sound (full throttle, full rpm) has a terrible tick every 10 seconds: the start/end of the loop is clearly audible. Quite annoying.

  • Two more little bugs:

    • the animation of the INSTR FLOOD and POST LIGHT don't work with the battery off: if you use the mousewheel on them the associated value does change though! So if you turn them all the way left (with the battery on) and then turn the battery off and then turn them all the way right, you will not see the animation, but after turning the batt on again you will see that actually have been turned right.

    • the sound of the starters is on the far right and should be in front of you, like the light switches.

  • And some more errors...?

    • I think that in cold and dark RADIO MASTER, WX RADAR, POST LIGHTS and INSTR FLOOD should also be off.

    • the plane pulls to the left terribly: seems odd with two opposing engines... In order to fly straight I have to turn the aileron trim a lot to the left...!

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for taking the time to make those reports!
    I've made the developer aware of your feedback so that it can be investigated and considered for an update.

    Edit - not thanks for pointing out the engine loop tick. I can't un-hear it now 😉

  • @Rich said in Duchess 76 for AFS2 questions (and a bug?):

    Edit - not thanks for pointing out the engine loop tick. I can't un-hear it now 😉

    You're very welcome. 😜 And thanks for passing the feedback along! Looking forward to how this plane will develop! (And the upcoming Arrow too!) Despite my list of bugs/errors I actually am happy with this release: it was about time a plane with some more depth found it's way to Aerofly FS 2! I really hope it sells well, for Just Flight but also for the future of AFS2.

  • I see I forgot one:

    • you can't set a squawk with when the transponder is OFF or in STBY. Afaik you should be able to turn those knobs and set any number regardless of the mode. (I can't check it now but I seem to remember you also can't change the number with the battery off.)