INS Woes

  • Help please! I believe that I'm following the instructions in the manual. If I just input one waypoint then the aircraft happily goes to it. If I then put a second waypoint in (rotating the selector to 2) it then misses the first waypoint and goes to the second. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here? (Auto-Man switch on Auto)
    Thanks Del

  • Just an update - if I use the WY PT CHG key to fly direct to WPT1 the aircraft does that and then makes its way to the next waypoint?

  • Ok - so I'm talking to myself! I've finally realised that WP1 can be the ramp/runway cordinates. Perhaps I've spent too long relying on GPS for navigation. But, I miss it and am still waiting for a reply from the Support Ticket I submitted a good number of days ago.
    Ps: Even without GPS the VC10 is still an excellent product!

  • It's hard to immediately figure what you're doing but I'll try to explain what I think you're getting wrong.
    You have 10 waypoints that can be inputted into the INS going from 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. As I understand WP0 should be your starting co-ordinates, and will be transferred automatically when you have inputted coordinates in the POS dial for alignment.
    Now, onto WYPT CHG.
    As an example I'm going to use this video(from Indiana Jones):

    Imagine each red dot is a waypoint like 0-1-2-3-4...etc. So Helsinki being WP 0, New Delhi WP 1, Daker WP2 etc.
    When you input WYPT CHG you are telling the aircraft which waypoint you are starting from and where to go to. So if you input '02,' you'll be flying from Helsink to Daker(in this Indiana Jones example). Equally, if you input '21,' you will go from Daker to New Delhi. I cannot recall with the INS whether it will take you to the start of the waypoint, or whether it will intercept the course between those coordinates and then follow it.

    I hope this explains?


  • Thanks for your reply and help, Peter. I understand now about WYPT CHG. The problem I had, though, was that, say, I set WP1 about 20 miles from the airport the INS would not navigate the A/C to that one and instead went to WP2 and then on to the next ones.
    I downoaded the CIVA add-on and read the comprehensive documentation. That suggested making the first waypoint the same as the coordinates used for the POS (WP0). I see that on the INS Tutorial that's in the VC10 manual the first WP is only a mile away from the runway. By using this method the A/C now flies from WP1 to WP2?