• Hello Nav 1 does not work I have between several frequences but the indicator remains stuck in the vertical position without moving Thank you for giving me information

  • @christian Check if you have set GPS in 430 or 530 😉

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  • @Barabba said in NAV1 PA28R:

    @christian Check if you have set GPS in 430 or 530 😉

    Sorry I don't get this. I have the same problem and I don't use 430 or 530 but just 100 and most of the time I keep it switched off. Before the patch I was able to set the VOR1 frequency and the needle was following it. Now I setup the frequency, the VOR1 turn to on but the needle doesn't move. The DME gives me the right distance. VOR2 is working well.

  • @Esteduca What he was saying was, swap the GPS100 for the GNS430 or GNS530, then check that GPS is in “VLOC” mode and NOT “GPS” mode. This can be changed using the “CDI” button on the GPS. You can switch the GPS in the Tablet. When you have checked it’s in VLOC, you can then swap back to the GPS100.
    I believe they default to GPS mode, and if you have “Save state” turned on, that’s the way they will stay until you change them. Once changed to VLOC, and you close the sim, they stay on VLOC until you change them again. So you’ll only have to do it once hopefully.

    You see, if those GNS’s are in GPS mode, the VOR header is driven from the GPS unit, “Flight Plan”. If those GPS’ are in VLOC mode, then the VOR head is driven by the Nav radio frequencies, which is what you want.

    I hope you can understand my explanation 🙂

  • @Tigerclaw
    Thank you! It was this. Thank you both.

  • @Esteduca Glad you got it sorted, now go and enjoy the Plane. She is beautiful to fly.

  • hello and thanks to all for this info Actually I changed the GPS and put the 430 ( because the 530 does not work at all!!..) and I switched to NAV , then I came back on the GPS 100 and it worked I do not find it quite normal but for the moment I would be satisfied Thanks again