gps Dark

  • After the second update my gps is dark....Has anyone had the same problem? Problem only 430\530, gps 100 works.

  • Select the GNS530, restart MSFS, now the GNS530 should work.
    It's a known issue that should be fixed in an upcoming update.

    If the GNS530 still stays dark, press ESC and select "Restart". There is (on top of all of that) a known issue since Sim Update 3 in MSFS that sometimes the screens remain dark upon start. This workaround is contained in the Release Notes of Sim Update 3 and affects all kinds of glass cockpits/systems and is independent of this addon.

    If you're using the GNS530 mod, also make sure that it's up to date.

  • Hi Cooper, and thanks for your fast answer....but I haven't g530 mod....and I didn't solve the problem....I will wait new release....but why in c172 analogic the g530 work?

  • @muffo Not sure how the unmodded version behaves. But did you check the power knob on the GNS530?
    It's located just left of the button that swaps COM1 standby/active frequencies, it's a turning knob which in the all left position turns off the GNS530. Turn it clockwise to turn it on if it isn't yet.

  • did this too. With the old version the Gps worked well.