Sepecat Jaguar

  • Does anyone know if JF are planning on developing a Jaguar? I would love to see one, it seems like one of only very few aircraft that are yet to be developed for FSX/P3D that was primarily used by the RAF.

  • Totally agree - would be an excellent choice and quite widely used with several livery choices to cover (and not just flown by RAF/France)!

  • JF Staff

    It's something we've come close to a few times in the past. However, after a few years of turning out quite a lot of military jets, and we still have some still in the works, we're switching focus to airliners for a while now so I don't think we'll be seeing one for a while yet I'm afraid.

  • @Rich any chance your position on this has changed? We need a Jaguar desperately!



  • JF Staff


    It hasn't I'm afraid. I thought I had seen one being announced by somebody recently. However, I can't find any trace of it this morning. Anyone else heard about it, or have I imagined it?

  • @Rich Aeroplane Heaven are supposed to be developing one under their CTRL-EZY range. Make up your own mind about this product, their Pucara on the AH website under CTRL-EZY has a video showing it’s features. My honest opinion is that a Jaguar made under their CTRL-EZY range will not be a true rendition of the Jag, nor will it be realistic enough to satisfy those who have been waiting years for one to be produced across the flight sim platforms. Only featuring a portion of a vc with very few other features is really a token effort.