Import GNS 530 Flight Plan?

  • Is it possible to import flight plan? it's painful to create it manually on the GPS. And seems GNS 530 does not support airway input

  • You can plan/load the flight plan in the MSFS world map before starting the flight, the GPS will have that flight plan loaded automatically.

    If you're using the GNS530/GNS430 mod:
    It has a feature where you can place up to 10 flight plan files (e.g. created via LittleNavMap) into a specific directory and can select them right in the GNS menu and simply load them. Just like you would from an SD card in the real units.
    I can't recommend that mod enough, it's a great addition to the PA-28R and basically every aircraft using these systems.

  • @copper Thanks for the reply. Very informative!