Access ACP & AAPP windows in VR (X-Plane)

  • I have finally found a way to access the ACP and AAPP windows in X-Plane VR.

    The free plugins required are below. They each have their own installation instructions.

    You can either do this in VR or in 2D.

    1. With the aircraft loaded, open both the ACP and AAPP windows via the arrow menu.
    2. Resize both the windows down to around half the screen height. You'll need to grab the bottom corners as they are bigger than the window (on my screen, anyway).
    3. Go into VR mode (if not already). Open MoveVR via the Plugins menu.
    4. Click on the horizontal arrow beside Plugin Windows to open the menu.
    5. Click on the horizontal arrow beside SASL3_Tbient (SASL3) to open the sub-menu.
    6. There will be a list of windows with sizes. If the last windows you opened in the aircraft were the ACP/AAPP windows they should be on the bottom.
    7. For those windows, open up the menu for each window and select Move to VR.

    Once they are in VR you can reposition them by grabbing the top edge of the window but they don't resize like a normal VR window does - that's why you have to resize them first. If you need to change the window size, select Move to 2D to put them back on your monitor to resize with a mouse.

    Good luck, I hope this works for other people. I really enjoy a cold and dark start with this aircraft.

    Cheers, Craig