• I am on a VFR flight plan from KMUO to KBFI and noticed the Lat/Long readout during the flight. I noted that it read 0.7763 and -2.0559. I ran those numbers in an online Lat/Long converter and the results were 0 46' 34.68 and -2 3' 21.2394. The coordinates for Mountain Home AFB are approximately 47 degrees 30' north and 122 degrees 20 minutes west, and I am well north of there on a northwesterly heading. I can't find anything clickable in the nav computer to set the departure coordinates, what am I missing?

  • @Trailboss Hi, the Lat / Lon readout merely calls the coordinates for the aircraft's location from the sim itself, rather than a departure or destination coordinate.

  • @DC1973 Hello and thanks for the response. I should have checked this myself but do you mean at F-15E start up Lat/Long is reading 0/0 at airport of departure and then while en route it is progressively showing any deviation from 0/0? I will watch for this on my next flight, I have something else going right now.

  • @Trailboss The readout records the F-15s location in the world, wherever it might be at any given time, and the data is drawn directly from the simulator itself. I'm not sure how accurate it is compared to real world coordinates to be honest, I just assumed it would be "correct" given that it's drawn from the sim's internal GPS system. I will make a note to check it out when I start work on the next set of updates.

  • @DC1973 Hi again and thanks again for the quick response. Unfortunately the coordinates displayed on the F-15E aren't even close to actual coordinates. The readout on the ground at KNQX at start up was 0.4289 and -1.4260. I converted those to degrees and minutes, which are N0 25' 44.04" W1 25' 33.60". The coordinates for Key West Naval Air Station per Jeppeson are N19 54.4 and W 075 12.4 I've been flying FSX for years and the coordinates for any aircraft I flew were spot on real world coordinates. It appears that the MSFS coordinates are off by a lot--or else I am!

    EDIT: Sorry, I had the F-15E position readout at Key West correct and the conversion to N 0 25' 4404" W 1 25' 33.60" correct but I erroneously showed the Guantanamo NAS coordinates instead of the Key West NAS correct coordinates of N24 34.5 W081 41.2 Upon arrival at MUGM the F-15E position readout was 0.3475, -1 3127, which converts to N 0 20' 50.99"
    W1 18' 45.72. Per Jeppesen the correct coordinates for Gitmo NAS are N19 54.4' W075 12.4'. Sorry for the confusion.