L1011 Pro Cockpit Lighting

  • Good day,

    I use the L1011 with Win10 / P3Dv4.4. Landing and taxi lights still illuminate the whole cockpit, including massive window reflections, making it unusable at night. In tht old forum I found a thread from 2017 that it has something to do with the P3D lighting system since v4, and that it is "worked on".

    Are you still working on it, or is a fix available by now? For 44 Euros, it should be...


  • @borisvp Yes I experience this issue all the time so it's got to the stage where I do not put on the landing lights on take off or landing - annoying when I'm flying into EGLL or other busy fields on VATSIM. Surprised you've not received a response from support yet.

  • From the old forum...

    This was talked about in December of 2017 and still no update (almost 2 years later) from Martyn:

    Hi Norbert,

    The landing light issue is caused by changes that Lockheed Martin made to the lighting system in P3D v4 and affects all aircraft with landing lights that are rear of the cockpit. We are still investigating how to resolve that issue.