DC Electrical Problems

  • Hi all,
    While taking a break from making the PFPX profiles (still need to do the cruise and des tables for the standard, haven't even started the super yet, eek), I thought I would give flying the aircraft a go (as one does).

    However, when loading an aircraft in an starting from a cold and dark state, I notice I can't seem to configure the DC electrics correctly, being unable to get the DC Supply Fail lights to extinguish, bar actually shutting off the power.
    I feel this may be a glitch as from what I can tell from the manual and other references I am operating the panel correctly, here is what I am getting, and a setup which I believe should work.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    [Edit: I should probably clarify that this is the Standard VC10 from the 1.2 installer running on P3D v4.4]

  • Latest update doesn't seem to have fixed this, will post a ticket.