• Are there any plans for the Warrior or Archer in MSFS 2020?

  • Following the time plan in accordance with the delay of the pa28 Arrow probably early in the summer?

    Hi P,
    ​Thanks for your email.
    If you're referring to our PA-28-161 Warrior II then hopefully it will be amongst the first batch of aircraft for MSFS2020 that we sell.
    We have the Arrow down first on our release schedule for December so the other GA aircraft will likely follow soon after so probably
    looking at Jan/Feb for the Warrior
    Kind regards,
     8 Oct 5:14 PM , P wrote:
    Hi Justflight.
    I didn't find any clear place to put this type of question so I hope you are alright with me writing to you guys here instead.
    I have a question if you know any plans of porting the piper pa28-family to msfs2020? The reason why I ask is because
    I am currently a ppl-student and would very much like to purchase such a plane, if available, and I know of others would do 
    that as well.
    Thank you in advance

  • JF Staff

    @mcritzman Yes on both fronts.

  • Warrior is much needed! The X-Plane version was great. I hope the MSFS version comes out soon.

  • Deleted the A2A Cherokee and P3D completely and have been flying the Arrows since. Desperately need the Warrior to give me a fixed gear replacement. Does the Warrior have the trim crank on the ceiling?

  • @dadgametime The trim control on the Warrior II is the same as the Arrow III.